HamJam 2017 Raffle Procedure

  1. All prize winners are asked to remain seated until all winning tickets have been pulled.  At the end, all winners are asked to come forward, sign a prize donor thank-you letter, have their name, call sign (and mailing address if any prize is worth $50 or more) entered as the official winner, and take their prize!
  2. Winners need not be present to win - except for door prize and youth prize(s).
  3. Explanation of ticket barrels:
    1. One for free door prize.  One free ticket will be given to each participant as they arrive.
    2. One for free Youth prize.  One free ticket will be given to each qualified Youth participant (licensed and under 18) as they arrive.
    3. One for all other prizes.  All tickets in this barrel will have been purchased by participants.
  4. Club with most attendance prize will be determined before 1st speaker.
  5. Youth prize(s) will be announced before 2nd speaker.
  6. Announcement for club with most attendance made after the break (between 2nd and 3rd speaker).
  7. First prize announced after 3rd speaker will be the free door prize.
  8. Tickets for the major prizes will be drawn next from most expensive to least expensive.  Each ticket will be put into an empty, clearly labeled envelope, and put next to its prize till the very end of this process.  These winners are not announced at this time!
  9. Next we will continue down the entire prize list from most expensive to least expensive.
  10. After the last prize winner is announced, we will open the major prize envelopes individually from least expensive to most expensive, and announce each winner.
  11. And finally, we will ask all winners to come up and get their prizes!


NOTE:  Any prize winners we are unable to contact within 30 days of Ham Jam will forfeit their prize(s).