Jay Slough, K4ZLE

Jay was first licensed in 1958 as KN4ZLE. Also held or holds calls: W0PNF, 3A0FE, HB0XJB, KA5EE (Japan), EL2LE, TU4FB, MU0BKA, GD0K4ZLE, JT1FCX, EI4VXG, KG4MO (GTMO), 3D2SJ, T2V, and 5X2A. He was a team member of TX5C, PJ6A, KH8Q, T2T, T33A, FT5ZM and most recently from St Paul Is with the CY9C team. He has operated from about 50 different DXCC entities. Before the US was a signatory to CEPT, he sat for the RAE in Great Britain so that he could operate from various European entities without having to get individual licenses. Jay wrote a column for The DX Magazine, called DXegesis in an attempt to help new DXers short circuit the learning curve in becoming a proficient DX operator. He and Jim, K8IKE, have made several technical presentations at the QRP ARCI Four Days in May conference. Jay has been the long term moderator for the DX forum at Hamvention (r) and Emcee for the DX Dinner held on Hamvention (r) weekend.

He is the president of Gateway Global Outreach, a small Christian mission organization, and makes frequent trips to east Africa and other countries where he attempts to spend some time on the ham bands. He is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and the University of Memphis. Jay was in electronics while serving in the Marine Corps; first as an aviation electronics tech (navigation) as an enlisted Marine and afterwards as an electronics countermeasures officer once commissioned. He has been married for over 49 years, has two grown daughters, and 8 grandkids. In addition to ham radio interests, he has two life goals: section hike the AT and bicycle west coast to east coast. At HamJam he will speak on his adventures on the VP8STI/VP8SGI DXpedition team.